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Have you completed your studies and gained first work experience in consulting or in the field of corporate and IT management? Are you curious about strategic and architectural topics such as business model design, IT master planning and design thinking?

Find out what we can do for you

Join our dedicated training program for aspiring architects. Acquire the skills necessary to assess the impact of disruptive change and actively design the transformation journey of our clients.

Our mission is to train exceptional architects

Well-trained architects and EA specialists are the critical enablers for successful transformations in economy and society. As internationally recognized architecture specialists, we see the training of highly qualified architects as one of our most important tasks.

To this end, we have established a unique training program that systematically guides young professionals to their career goals through coaching, on-the-job learning and mentoring. Together we determine a career path tailored to you based on your ambitions and existing skills. This includes, for example, specializing in certain key topics (e.g. business architecture) or developing specific industry knowledge (e.g. biotech).  

Do you aspire to a leadership role and want to develop into a partner? We can consider this early in your career plan.

Expert knowledge, creative thinking and high-quality service is our priority

From the very beginning you will support client projects and advance our clients’ interest with your ideas. In a team with experienced colleagues you will be providing advice to a broad range of stakeholders from business and IT architects to top management - whether it is helping to establish and develop business architecture and EA practices or supporting with strategic architecture development and transformation projects. Flexible working hours including the possibility of working from home is just one of the benefits of joining us.

You will be advising clients from across all industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, financial services, media and entertainment, retail and government and public services. During a project you can always compare notes with experienced architects.

Plenty of scope for development

You will be dedicating no more than 80% of your time to advising our clients which gives you plenty of room to undergo our training program and continuously develop your architecture skills. Depending on your interest and skills, you can choose to take on an additional role in product management, sales, marketing, or the Scape Academy and help shape the future of Scape. 

What exactly does an architect do?

The architect’s profession can seem a little mysterious for outsiders. Read here what architects do, what the difference is between enterprise, business, IT, and solution architects, and why architects are so important in today’s business.

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Your Career Path

Our career model comprises six levels. Applicants who do not yet meet the requirement profile of an experienced architect usually join us as a Fellow or Associate Architect. Regardless of the career level, our architects can specialize in a particular architecture domain (e.g., business architecture, enterprise architecture) and/or specific industries (e.g., biotech).


Level 1
Fellow Architects are architects in the early stages of their training. They support the team primarily through research and analysis as well as in the documentation of project results.


Level 2
Associate Architects are architects in training with first work experience. They work in a team with more experienced architects, for instance to set up EA practices and tools, and document as-is landscapes.


Level 3
Architects are the backbone of our service delivery and perform typical architecture activities. The role requires successful completion of our training program or equivalent professional experience.


Level 4
Principal architects take on complex tasks, e.g., the role of lead architect in transformation projects and lead teams and / or competence centers. The role requires extensive experience as an architect.


Level 5
Associate Partners are in charge of business areas or cross-functional areas. They develop our strategic customer and partner relationships and take over the management of the project portfolio.


Level 6
Partners are shareholders of Scape. They are responsible for specific business and / or cross-functional areas, client portfolio management as well as strategic business development.


Project References

As leading experts for Enterprise Architecture we have been serving our clients for many years in various architecture matters. In the following, we provide detailed insight into selected engagements. Further information on our project activities can be found in our project history.

What we stand for

We are one of the leading experts for Enterprise Architecture services and products. We focus on what we do best: delivering first-in-class enterprise and IT architectures and empowering our clients to establish an Enterprise Architecture capability. When it comes to EA matters, we are the go-to partner for many large and medium-sized companies. Join us to benefit from our unique position in the market.

We are all about architecture

Unlock your true potential. We provide you with an environment where you can focus wholeheartedly on your architecture work and leave everything else to others.

We are global EA experts

Benefit from our global reputation for first-class global EA advisory services. Combined with our training program, you will evolve into a renowned architect step by step.

We have a community spirit

Shape the future of EA. Whether it is the speeches you give, the papers you publish, the workgroups you take part in or the research projects you support – Be part of the global EA community.

We make time for you

Be part of Scape. You will have plenty of room to play an active part in developing our future. You will be working with a highly professional and diverse team to help fuel your inspiration along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in joining our team, then have a look at the questions we get asked the most about applying, working, and developing your career at Scape.