We are member of the Architecture Forum in The Open Group and are involved in the evolution of TOGAF®. Through the practical use of TOGAF® in various projects we speak from experience in our training courses.

As an internationally recognized standard in the architecture field, TOGAF® promises methodical support for establishing and operating an EA capability. The heart of TOGAF® is a method for architecture development, complemented by guidelines and techniques for the application and possible adaptation. Meta model, viewpoints, and guidelines for the organization of the architecture capability (roles, committees, skills, etc.) as well as for the use of an architecture repository represent only some of the further main components of the framework.

Training Course in TOGAF 9.2 - Level 1+2

In this training course you obtain a comprehensive and colorful introduction into TOGAF® 9.2. You get to know the methodical and conceptual components of the framework and, based on a case study with practical exercises (and the practical experiences provided by our trainers), learn how to apply these in practice.

Course Content

Specifically, the course deals with the following topics:

  • Overview and core concepts of TOGAF®
  • Architecture Development Method (ADM), incl. guidelines and techniques for ADM application and adaptation
  • Architecture deliverables and artifacts / viewpoints
  • Content and structure of an architecture repository
  • Governance and organization of the architeture capability: roles, committees, etc.
Course Duration

4 days

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Feedback of Participants

»A quick introduction into TOGAF, suitable to both new and experienced architects.«

(TOGAF Foundation 12/2018)

Feedback of Participants

»I can recommend the course to everyone aiming to establish and run an EA capability in his/her organization in order to improve the collaboration between business and IT.«

(TOGAF Training 09/2018)

Feedback of Participants

»Very good overview of a powerful framework. Enlargement upon the most important constituents based on practical assignments.«

(TOGAF Training 09/2018)

Feedback of Participants

»Very successful introduction into TOGAF!«

(TOGAF Foundation 10/2015)

Feedback of Participants

»Topics dealt with in a realistic way by the trainer.«

(TOGAF Training 11/2015)

Feedback of Participants

»Theoretical und practical knowledge of the trainer, good case study material, very good and comprehensive slidedeck.«

(TOGAF Training 11/2015)

Feedback of Participants

»Trainer: professional appearance; method: good mix of presentation and group work; material: well prepared by Scape.«

(TOGAF Training 11/2015)

Feedback of Participants

»Highly recommended.«

(TOGAF Foundation 12/2015)

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