Strategy to Principles

Develop an Architecture of High Quality and in Line with Strategy

  • You would like to ensure that the enterprise architecture evolves in alignment with the strategy and meets high quality standards?
  • You aim to bridge the gap between "abstract" business and IT strategies and solution projects?
  • Your are looking for corresponding „guard rails“ for guidance of your solution projects?

Utilize Our „Strategy to Principles“ Service

We support you in developing the required instruments through the definition of architecture principles and associated tools to assess architecture conformity and quality at the operational level. To this end, we provide a practice-proven approach including a catalogue of architectural guidelines and principles, corresponding assessment and quality criteria, and templates to be used within architecture checks.

Our Approach in Detail

  • Creation of a shared understanding in terms of the nature of principles and their intended use
  • Stakeholder, strategy, and environmental analyses
  • Derivation of goals and overall guidelines based on a generic catalogue
  • Definition of suitable architecture principles and corresponding assessment criteria
  • Selection of appropriate criteria for the evaluation of architecture quality
  • Tailoring of our generic templates for architecture checks and creation of a checklist
  • Pilot use of the architecture principles and the checklist
  • Optional: Facilitation of the organizational implementation / anchoring (e.g., communication, coaching)

Your Benefits

  • Benefit from our experience and our practice-proven assets
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and projects and hence increase the EA effectiveness
  • Make a measurable contribution to the increase of architecture conformity and quality in partnership with projects, and thus increase EA acceptance

Flyer Strategy to Principles

Further information on the product can be found in our product flyer.


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