Research Projects

As part of our university cooperations, we support research projects from within our business domains. By sharing our project experience with researchers, we help to ensure practical relevance. Beyond that, we do contribute by supervising bachelor and master theses, arranging business contacts, and co-authoring publications. Currently, we are involved in the following projects:

Complexity in Enterprise Architectures (CEAR)

The research project CEAR was initiated by the Chair of Information Systems | Software Economics & Information Management at Darmstadt University of Technology and Scape in the summer of 2012. In close cooperation with practitioners, questions concerning the complexity of enterprise architectures were covered. In particular, the project evaluated how the complexity of enterprise architectures can be measured and what degree of complexity is desirable for what type of organization. This was based on the insight that complexity will typically lead to increased costs and risks, but at the same time may also account for a higher business value. The interest of research was hence to determine what types of complexity should be tolerated and what patterns of complexity are key to success.

Complexity of Application Landscapes - Models, Measures, Management (CALM3)

The research project CALM3 was initiated by the Chair of Software Engineering for Business Information Systems (sebis) at Technical University Munich in late 2012. Within this project, models, measures and methods for the management of application landscape complexity were analyzed. In particular, the project evaluated how complexity of application landscapes can be defined and measured, and how complexity models can be applied as part of the target architecture planning process. For this purpose, a workgroup made up of researches and practitioners was set up to meet on a regular base and provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience. For more information and project results, please refer to the CALM3 website.

Network Analysis in Architecture Management (NEAR)

The research project NEAR evaluated the application of methods from network analysis to the management of enterprise architectures. In this research approach, business and IT landscapes are considered networks of nodes and edges and analyzed using the method spectrum of network analysis. The project was initiated early 2014 and was carried out collaboratively by the Chair in Information Systems and Social Networks at University of Bamberg and Scape Consulting, in close cooperation with further practitioners.