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»A place where EA enthusiasts create with passion and commitment a true benefit for their customers and where consultancy is not only seen as a job, but rather as a noble profession  –
That's Scape to me.«


Mathias, Architect

Mathias joined Scape in 2021 as an Associate Architect and is currently working as an Architect mainly in the public, IT service and media sector.

Why Scape?

Scape offers exceptional expertise and shows inspiring enthusiasm for EA which I have not experienced before, at least not to this extent. Here at Scape, I can  learn from experienced colleagues, gain a sound knowledge of EA content, methods, and tools, and strengthen my acquired skills in projects. And I can always rely on the support of my colleagues

What excites you about EA?

EA provides this comprehensive view of the building blocks of an organization and equips you with methods for analyzing, designing, and managing the architecture, but at the same gives you plenty of room to apply established tools to carry out planned changes. What excites me about EA is this broad perspective on the development of an organization avoiding a one-size-fits-all mindset. It is always fascinating to work with clients to expose a company’s building blocks, reveal hidden dependencies, overcome obstacles, and drive the transformation towards a better vision.

What is a typical day for you?

A typical day usually consists of a necessary share of focus time for the creation of high-quality work results and meetings in which we discuss current topics and tasks, jointly develop deliverables, or decide on the next steps. For me, close coordination with our customers is an important lever for the realization of an explicit added value and promotes the transfer of knowledge and expertise. Passing on my EA expertise and knowledge of EA methods is an essential part of my daily work. I usually work from home or our Frankfurt office except when we have joint workshops, presentation of results or important meetings at the customer’s site.

What has been your greatest achievement at Scape?

I think, there has been more a variety of small success stories and positive experiences, such as a successfully delivered management presentation, a well-established EA service or knowing that I have helped solve a customer problem in an uncomplicated manner. It is the small everyday experiences that keep me motivated in my work as an EA consultant at Scape.

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»Collaborating with creative characters and true EA experts in a start-up-like space with plenty of scope for innovation –
That’s Scape to me.«


Arash, Partner


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