IT Governance / IT Strategy

The IT landscapes of medium and large organizations are among the most complex systems created by man yet. This applies in particular to industries with a high information intensity like financial services.

Due to the high interdependencies, IT complexity has an immediate impact on the business. For example, system outages or malfunctions may have serious consequences for the organization and society. This applies in particular to systemic firms like banks and insurances companies.

For these reasons, regulatory requirements have been intensified continuously throughout recent years. Beyond that, an active management of IT risks may also be in the corporate interest. Unfortunately, this will often require process changes which may negatively impact the organization's agility. Experience is of value in finding the right balance. We are looking forward to sharing our insights with you and guiding you on your way to success.

IT Governance

Your organization lacks a common framework for IT Governance? Regulators or auditors have called for increased transparency and improved control of your IT risks?

We support you in implementing an effective governance framework, aligned to established standards (e.g., COBIT). Our integrated approach is not limited to the core IT, but also covers international operations and business-developed end-user applications. Beyond that, our gradual, risk-based approach ensures lean governance that preserves maximum agility.

IT Strategy

You are challenged with the development of a new IT strategy? New initiatives need to be aligned closer with the IT strategy?

We support you in the conception and development of your IT strategy. We apply a coherent framework to make constituents like vision, goals, principles, strategic measures and indicators manageable. In addition, we help properly tie in target architectures and apply the IT strategy in project portfolio management.

IT Risk Management

You are facing the challenge of quantifying the operational risks of your IT and to establish an integrated IT Risk Management? Your organization plans to insure against IT risks?

We support you in setting up an integrated IT Risk Management system and in collecting the required data. In doing so, we can leverage our long-standing experience from the domain of Enterprise Architecture. With our guidance, you will be able to reuse existing EA data and hence realize valuable synergies.