If you are interested in joining our team, then have a look at the questions we get asked the most about applying, working, and developing your career at Scape.

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How does the application process work?

Once we have received your application, we will be able to assess it and get back to you within one week. If your application is of interest to us, we will contact you to arrange a phone call or an on-site meeting to get to know you.

After the first informal interview we will contact you within 3 days. If we feel that you make a powerful addition to our team, we will invite you to further interviews.

Visit our career site to find out what position may make sense for you.

How do I apply?

Please apply online on our career site. Learn more about our open positions here.

What qualifications do I need?

Preferably, you will have a degree in computer science, business information systems or a related discipline. If you do not meet our academic requirements but have a solid background (preferably in enterprise architecture and/or consulting), feel free to make an application.

The non-academic qualifications you may need to join our team depend on the position you are applying for. Learn more here.

What soft skills do I need?

We will expect you to be discreet and responsible, able to create trust and always keep our clients’ interests in mind. All our architects have strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills. Thinking outside the box, showing interest in related EA topics as well as the ability to see and understand the bigger picture is an essential part of our everyday business. At Scape, you should be willing to learn and constantly grow on a professional and personal level.

Where will I be based?

You could be based in our main locations in Frankfurt or Cologne (Germany). However, most of our colleagues prefer to work remote. Usually, you will be working at the client site and at home. Simply put, you do not need to move after joining Scape.

Can I only apply to available job openings?

Feel free to send us your speculative application by email. Make sure to include „speculative application” in the subject line and enclose your complete application.

Do you offer internships?

Yes, we offer internships. To apply for an internship, please send us an email with the subject line “Internship” and enclose your complete application. Feel free to share ideas or topics that you would like to explore during the internship.

Can I write my thesis at Scape?

We offer supervision to bachelor and master students on their graduation projects on a regular basis. Please have a look at our currently available topics here. Feel free to propose any other topics related to our subject area by email.


What can I expect from my first weeks at Scape?

During your first week we will provide you with the necessary equipment to get started, and show you around our internal processes, consulting services and products.  On your first day you will meet one of our colleagues who will work closely with you and make sure to answer all your questions. Since we care about team work a lot, you will have the opportunity to meet your peers and learn more about our company during regular meetups.

Depending on your role you could be meeting our clients or taking the lead on a project from the very beginning. You will always have the chance to compare notes with experienced Scape peers.

What exactly does an architect do at Scape?

We help our clients build and develop their enterprise architecture function and support the implementation of architecture projects. We focus on all aspects of EA from business to solution architecture. Learn more about our projects here.

Please have a look here, if you are curious about how the everyday life of an architect looks like, what the difference is between enterprise, business, IT, and solution architects or why architects are so important in today’s business.

What is a typical week for an architect at Scape?

There are few weeks that can be described as “typical”. We advise clients from across all industries on all aspects of enterprise architecture. You are usually working with the client 3 to 4 days a week. You will have the possibility to work from home depending on the project and client. Some of our architects work more than half the time from home. Usually, you will be spending no more than 80% of your time on client projects. You can choose to spend the rest of the time on developing our products, organizing events and trainings or meeting friends and family. What matters is the result.

How much travel is expected?

That really depends on your projects and clients. Currently, we work remotely with many of our clients. Some of our architects work more than half the time from home and only hit the road to join specific client or team meetings, to attend trainings or events. However, you need to be willing to leave your home base 3 to 4 days a week.

Can I work from home?

Where possible we work remote. Unless you are working on site with the client or attending internal meetings and events, you will have the possibility to work from home. Currently, most of our colleagues spend at least 1 to 2 days a week working from home and some even have the chance to spend most of their working time at home.  


What is the typical career path at Scape?

Our career model comprises six levels. A detailed description can be found here.

What training do you offer?

Our architects are the hub of our business making their professional skills paramount to our success. This is why the ongoing development of your skills is a priority embedded in our strategy.  With this in mind, we have developed a special training program for architects that is matched to your individual goals.  

Will I be able to undertake a PhD program at Scape?

If you have been working at Scape for two years, you will be able to join our PhD program.

We can provide valuable support in selecting the topic and advisor. You will also benefit from our extensive experience and top network. During your PhD program you will be working part-time at Scape.

Will I be able to make partner at Scape?

Aside from the classic career path at Scape you will have the chance to take over corporate responsibility and eventually make partner. If we feel that you have the necessary qualifications to make partner, you will be able to join our partner program during which we will prepare you for your future role.


»Collaborating with creative characters and true EA experts in a start-up-like space with plenty of scope for innovation –
That’s Scape to me.«


Arash, Architect and Partner


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Our aim is to support businesses worldwide on their digital transformation journey – by being the leading consulting firm for Enterprise Architecture services and products and the first stop for architects and Enterprise Architecture experts. We know we can only deliver excellent services to our clients by bringing the best minds together at Scape. Tell us about your current position below. We could be the perfect fit for you.

What is your current position?

What we stand for

We are one of the leading experts for Enterprise Architecture services and products. We focus on what we do best: delivering first-in-class enterprise and IT architectures and empowering our clients to establish an Enterprise Architecture capability. When it comes to EA matters, we are the go-to partner for many large and medium-sized companies. Join us to benefit from our unique position in the market.

We are all about architecture

Unlock your true potential. We provide you with an environment where you can focus wholeheartedly on your architecture work and leave everything else to others.

We are global EA experts

Benefit from our global reputation for first-class global EA advisory services. Combined with our training program, you will evolve into a renowned architect step by step.

We have a community spirit

Shape the future of EA. Whether it is the speeches you give, the papers you publish, the workgroups you take part in or the research projects you support – Be part of the global EA community.

We make time for you

Be part of Scape. You will have plenty of room to play an active part in developing our future. You will be working with a highly professional and diverse team to help fuel your inspiration along the way.



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