EAM Tool Selection

The success of EA management is not at least dependent on the quality and suitability of the EA tool(s) in use. The tool does not only serve as an architecture database and reporting component, but it is also a primary touchpoint for stakeholders with the enterprise architecture and therefore also an important means of communication. Against this background, it is of considerable importance for the EA management function to select the best suited tool available on the market. We will be happy to assist you in this task.

Our Approach

Our „EAM Tool Selection“ service is based on the following steps and assets:

  • Stakeholder and requirements analysis for identification of the required tool functionality and possible knockout criteria based on predefined interview templates
  • Selection and prioritization of corresponding criteria from a comprehensive catalogue comprising approx. 125 items
  • Preparation of a long list based on a predefined list of tool vendors
  • Creation and distribution of questionnaires to the tool vendors on the long list
  • Evaluation of the completed questionnaires
  • Preparation of a short list based on the evaluated answers
  • Preparation of a showcase
  • Moderation of a vendor presentation based on the showcase
  • Evaluation and derivation of a decision proposal

Your Benefits

  • Reduce the efforts in the tool selection process significantly through the use of our assets
  • Benefit from our experience with EA tools as deployed in various industry sectors and supporting varying scenarios
  • Protect your investment and achieve a high level of tool acceptance by involving vendor neutral subject matter experts

Flyer Tool Selection

Further information on the product can be found in our product flyer.


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