Establishing Business Architecture

You are looking for proper ways to classify new strategic options and identify possible impacts? You would like to able to comprehensibly map and systematically analyze your business model? You are facing the challenge of bringing the capabilities of your organization in line with a new strategy? Your organization lacks an integrated view of business processes, functions and objects?

We support you in effectively setting up your business architecture and establishing EA management in the business. You can benefit from our holistic approach, which brings together concepts from business motivation (e.g., goals, strategies), business model, and business operations in a coherent framework.

Business Architecture Framework

Our field of activities includes the following services:

  • design of processes and organization for business architecture management
  • integration of EA management into corporate strategic planning
  • introduction of a content framework / meta model for business architecture documentation / modeling
  • development of a capability map
  • development of a business function model
  • development of a business object model

Business Architecture Management
Check out our book: Business Architecture Management - Architecting the Business for Consistency and Alignment.


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